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We strive to find the best materials from around the world, ensuring a beautiful, durable product.
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Our award-winning design is an innovative and unique way to wear a clutch. (Patent pending)
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All orders are packed and shipped within 2-8 business days, with expedited shipping available.
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We will gladly accept returns or exchanges within 14 days of receiving your order.

Danielle Marie is the founder and CEO of GRIP Handbags, established April 2015.

Danielle Marie was born and raised in North Brunswick, New Jersey. She completed her college degree in Critical Media & Cultural Studies with a minor in Communication Studies at Rollins College. After graduation, she moved to Malibu to pursue a higher education. In 2016, she completed her graduate studies at Pepperdine University earning her a Masters degree in Media Production.

In addition to graduate school, Danielle Marie has enrolled in the online Fashion Essentials Certification Program provided by Parsons X Teen Vogue. Her appreciation for the arts influenced Danielle to utilize her talents as a designer beyond the classroom. Thanks to her valuable education and support from her family and friends, Danielle’s blossoming career in fashion design and storytelling is naturally transpiring.