When was the brand founded?

April 2015

Where do you manufacture your goods?

Right here in the US! Right now we’re working with an awesome leather manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Where do you source your materials?

Everywhere! We oftentimes work with a trusted fabric supplier based on the East coast for access to the latest (and gorgeous) materials.

How did you come up with your unique “GRIP” concept?

Danielle Marie was inspired to create her award winning design for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards while producing a fashion film for her designer friend in the jewelry market. During this creative process, she realized the handbag market was lacking exciting new content. As an emerging designer, she wanted to grow a strong brand that the public can instantly recognize and enjoy. GRIP Handbags revolutionizes the industry with its unique cut-outs that accommodate the hand, achieving both style and comfort for her fashion forward customer. We know it’s an amazing concept, that’s why our design is patent pending!

What kind of press coverage do you have?

We’ve been spotted all over, from print publications to online articles, to blog posts! Check out our Press page to see all our placements.

What is the best way we can reach you at?

Through our instant chat feature. Or you can submit your message under our Contact page. We promise you’ll hear from us.

How can we stay up to date?

We post fun news and photos on our Blog, “The Purse Pursuit” quite often. We also love to connect with you through social media. You can stay up to date by following our social platforms.



Twitter: @griphandbags

Instagram: @griphandbags