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Danielle Marie, founder, lead designer, and CEO of Grip Handbags, is a refreshing example of a young entrepreneur with a vision to create a distinguished and innovative luxury accessories brand known for it’s purposeful, unique, and groundbreaking designs at an affordable price.​

To this day, Danielle Marie is the first in her category to strategically develop an exclusive cut-out feature for her handbags, which is currently patent pending. This particular visual element is consistent throughout all her designs, and serves both functional and aesthetic goals for the Grip Handbags brand season after season.

The Grip silhouette, shaped like a half moon right side up, is also a symbolic reinforcement of the cut-out feature initiated on Danielle’s original award-winning clutch, which is responsible for the launch of her business and career as a designer. Since its establishment in 2015, Grip Handbags has been featured in InStyle Magazine, British Vogue, Accessories Magazine,, Bellus Magazine, Starlight Music Chronicles, and on a number of public figures and fashion blogs.

A message from Danielle Marie:

" I chose the name Grip Handbags for my business primarily because the word 'grip' reminded me of power and the ability to take action; the power to make good choices, the power of self-acceptance, the power of positively influencing those around me. Basically, it’s about 'gripping' onto what matters. Because actions speak louder than words. ⠀

Growing up, I’ve been told countless times by people close to me who I thought I could trust and confide in that I was never good enough, that I wasn’t capable of big things because I have a disability, that I wouldn’t amount to anything because of my baggage...⠀

I used to think why me? I would stay up countless hours at night and just pray for answers. Suddenly, something dawned on me. I mustered up the courage to confront the negativity. I basically faced everyone (in my mind) who tried to bring me down and told them to get a grip!! ⠀

Grip Handbags gives me the opportunity to prove all the nay-sayers wrong. It gives me a platform to showcase my creativity, my passions in life, my self-acceptance. I have been so afraid to admit my flaws. For so long, I've been hiding my disability; I almost denied it. Now I realize it is what makes me unique and sure, it will likely make people look twice - but, just like my bags. For those who continue to stick around, I thank you all for being on this journey with me. For those who are new, thank you for giving me a chance. Never doubt what you’re made of!"


“To the visionaries, impeccable style begins with Grip Handbags. We’re all about quirky cutout bags. Combining unique aesthetics with versatility and purpose, our goal is to revolutionize industry tastes with our eye-catching designs. Each bag is quality-made and creatively designed to be stylishly unexpected in the eyes of our trendy customers, as well as to the general public. Today, Grip Handbags is an example of fashion reinventing itself and offering something entirely new for everyone to enjoy. Get a grip!”

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