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City Chic

It’s March. Did it come in like a lion or like a lamb? I’m a little confused because just the other day it was in the 70’s and I’m telling you, I was literally outside all day in shorts and a sports bra. Not to mention, some of our flowers are starting to bloom! Nature, this is a false alarm! Why? Because we’re expecting snow tomorrow. You know, sometimes I think I should have been a meteorologist… Did I miss my calling?

Well, besides all this crazy weather talk, I do have a new look for you. Keeping in mind that it has gone from spring back to winter, I have a city chic look that I shot during fashion week last month. I’m wearing my gorgeous baby pink high-rise flair pant over my black lace one piece. I love the low cut and how the straps crisscross for a slightly sexy appeal. Paired with my Black Diamond clutch, I think overall, this look perfectly depicts my yearning for warm weather, while flaunting my “dealing with it” face. In this case, I’m dealing with this bi-polar month. As long as I’m “dealing with it” in style, I think I’ll be alright. We’ll see what happens. Until next time. Stay warm and safe everyone!

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