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Find Your Wild Side With Leopard Print & A Statement Handbag

If you're a true fashionista, you're not afraid to venture outside your comfort zone. In fact, making your look a little extra is what sets you apart from everyone else. When we think of making a statement we think leopard print and one killer unique handbag that perfectly matches! Now, that's how you leave an impression. Actually, more like stop traffic!! We bet if you walk down any street with a look like this, you will find people looking. Don't fret, your confidence will inspire them to try the same. That's the beauty of fashion. We take notes from others and then we tell our story in our own way. Give it a try! You can get the look here:

Handbag from Grip Handbags: Hanna Shopper Bag in 'Rust Orange'

Wool Coat: J.Crew

Leopard Print Set: Pretty Little Thing

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