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GRIP Handbags debuts the Artists Series with The BUU Collection

The BUU Collection, 2017-2018

The fall 2017 season welcomed the launch of a collaborative concept, known as the "Artists Series," with the debut of The BUU Collection, Grip's first artist collaboration. The artist for the limited edition custom designed print chose to remain anonymous for this premier capsule collection.

The print itself is the perfect marriage between street wear and street art. The animated ghost-like characters blended within the graffiti style piece symbolize a conflicted type of sadness in the eyes of the artist. With all that's happening now, "it's a sad world," explains our collaborator.

When you walk the streets, spread the color. Spread the love. We think if a handbag can send a message, it’s a good one. Color is contagious. The BUU Collection is our reminder to exemplify less hatred, more acceptance. Less violence, more love. We hope that by wearing The BUU Collection, it will inspire your friends and family to fall in love with color.

Astonish the world, express yourself, live a colorful life one Grip Handbag at a time. Shop The BUU Collection today, consisting of our best-selling HANNA and ANNAH bags!

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