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Hangout This Summer With An Oversized Knit Sweater & A Statement Handbag

Summer for the most part may be hot and muggy. But we live for those cool summer breezes. Just imagine: the sensation of summer's gentle wind brushing through our hair as we lounge around the city rooftops, the view of the city skyline and the twinkling candle lights surrounding us, the sound of friends and family laughing and champagne glasses clashing, and the overwhelming feeling of comfort and confidence when we're dressed in the very best.

These are the kinds of feelings we cherish all year long. But these iconic moments we mentioned are particularly what make summer so memorable to us. Here is a look our CEO Danielle Marie put together for a casual summer night out on the town. The ensemble is equally comfortable as it is stylish. It's the perfect look to 'wow' everybody during those beautiful cool summer nights.

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