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The 5 Best Versatile Pieces In My Summer Wardrobe Right Now

Let's give a warm welcome to summer. It's going to be a very hot summer! But with the pleasant weather lately, I find myself mixing and matching pieces from previous seasons. You may not like the sound of that, but it actually works. As someone who appreciates the art of styling and pays close attention to market trends, it's very easy to develop what I like to call "individualized taste". 

Achieving "individualized taste" can be done by combining your clothes and accessories from all seasons. And I'm telling you, it's totally allowed because our market demands a mix of familiar elements with subtle hints of the unexpected. As much as everyone wants to dress like their favorite Instagram model, how does that do you any good? Don't get me wrong, I love pulling inspiration from my favorite influencers. But when you just copy their looks for the season, you're just blending in. In today's saturated world, I think challenging the rules and dressing for yourself is the most effective way to express who you are.

Visually distinguishing yourself with the help of "individualized taste" will no doubt transform how you choose to style your everyday looks. With this post, I'm going to demonstrate how easy it is to pull pieces from various seasons no matter what season it is! Here, I mix 5 versatile pieces (both old and new) from the fall, winter and spring seasons. My goal is to prove that we can work with what we've got. Regardless of what season it is, we can totally stand out in a chic way because of how versatile our closets truly are!

My green suede jacket is one of my favorite versatile pieces in my closet right now. It's from the winter and yet, here I am at the beach sporting a suede jacket and it works - weather permitting, of course. I'm not sweating yet! 

My Cartier sunglasses originally belonged to my Mom and I seriously cannot thank her enough for (generously) handing them down to me. I guess at this point she felt that her fashionable daughter would enjoy them more. Heck, I don't know but I am so grateful. I am proud to say I rescued these beauties from a dark dusty drawer and brought them out to soak up the sunshine. They're my favorite sunnies and perfect to wear no matter what season it is.

My striped chambray jumpsuit is from Marshalls and probably cost around $15. I love this piece because it's so versatile. I got it shortly after Easter. Since then, I've come to the conclusion that I can go out feeling dressed enough in it. I can attend a brunch or run errands, or even go to church and still wind up at the beach later with my bathing suit on underneath. These sandals I had since college. No doubt, you can never go wrong with a little snake print. Last but not the least, my Grip Handbag is from my latest collection that I launched last year. It was a Fall favorite because the seasoned color resembled that of the beloved pumpkin spice latte. Clearly it works for summer, too! 

I hope this post shows that you can do a lot with the items you have in your closet already. Don't let the season fool you. You can wear anything your heart desires regardless of what season the clothes are from. So I challenge you to practice this mindset; try something different and see how by doing so, you begin to awaken your senses. 

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