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The New Collection Is Coming

Be on the look out for an exciting announcement regarding new bags! Yes, they're coming and they are scheduled for delivery this month! The upcoming collection features another artist collaboration. We are excited to finally reveal the genius behind this eye-catching print; The emerging artist behind the print's design is Teddy Aretakis. Teddy is a young NJ based landscape designer by day and a doodle artist by night. His genius work is meticulously hand drawn and then digitally magnified to enhance its color and motif. What was originally just a simple “doodle” project to Teddy suddenly became something more. As a team we experimented by mirroring his doodle art several times on vegan pebble leather and discovered that when pieced together the doodle piece mimics a snake print pattern!

Photo credit: Chelsea Pineda

We strongly admire Teddy's attention to detail and his ability to combine both his artistic gifts with complex design software. This artist collaboration represents the beauty of art as well as the potential behind creating something "just because." Art is capable of so much and we are proud to provide a clever outlet for emerging artists, like Teddy, to showcase their work. If you haven't already, be sure to visit Teddy's profile on Instagram to discover more!

Photo credit: MKR Shoots

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